Advancing Your Career at TikTok: Opportunities in Trust and Safety

With the expansion of the TikTok community, the dedication of our Trust and Safety (T&S) team to ensuring a secure platform is stronger than ever. This team offers numerous chances for members to enhance their expertise in areas like policy formulation, product management, and other key aspects, all within this distinct and vital group.

We had a conversation with Douglas, Mackenzie, and Atlanta, members of our teams based in the US, Brazil, and Germany, to discuss what attracted them to their roles and how TikTok's resources have been instrumental in their personal and professional growth.

What is your role at TikTok?

Douglas shares, "In my role as a Team Lead in Training and Quality Assurance, I oversee a team tasked with reviewing moderated cases. Our objective is to offer feedback and monitor our quality outcomes. My primary responsibility involves guiding and managing the team's efforts to guarantee consistent and impartial moderation on the platform."

Mackenzie explains, "I head a global team responsible for implementing all Integrity & Authenticity policies, which include safeguarding election integrity and combating misinformation and impersonation. Our team collaborates across different functions to identify, act upon, and prevent the spread of misinformation. We develop machine learning models, oversee a specialized moderation process, and create front-end solutions. Through managing the Global Fact-Checking Program, we utilize insights from accredited fact-checking organizations to guide our enforcement of TikTok's misinformation policies within our Community Guidelines. Our team operates out of multiple cities, including Singapore, Dublin, Berlin, New York, Mexico City, and San Francisco."

Atlanta, a Quality Analyst based in Germany, describes her role: "I focus on content moderation, collaborate with different stakeholders and partners, and ensure that the platform remains safe and suitable for audiences of diverse age groups."

What drew you to TikTok specifically?

Atlanta reflects, "The transition from being a TikTok creator to becoming a part of the TikTok team was an exciting prospect for me! I take great pride in being a member of this dynamic, creative, and ever-evolving organization. The mission of our platform to inspire creativity and spread joy has always struck a chord with me, and that's what brought me here."

Douglas reflects on his journey, "TikTok revolutionized content creation by making it accessible to all. When the platform launched, it empowered people to create content without the need for costly filming equipment, allowing everyone the chance to captivate audiences with their creativity and humor. When the chance to join and evolve with such a transformative company presented itself, I knew I couldn't miss it."

Mackenzie shares her experience: "After five years managing crisis and election integrity at another platform, I was eager for a new and thrilling challenge. Taking on Trust and Safety issues at one of the fastest-growing global platforms seemed like the prime opportunity to make a significant impact in the digital world. I've been fully committed to this path ever since."

Has your scope and responsibilities expanded since you joined the team?

Mackenzie recounts her progression at TikTok: "Initially, I joined as the Global Issue Owner (GIO) for Misinformation. Soon after, it became apparent that a global leader was needed for the Integrity and Authenticity product and process pillar. I volunteered and presented a plan for organizing and expanding the team. What I really appreciate about TikTok is its commitment to promoting internal talent. My manager believed in me, and for that, I'm grateful every day. Such a significant increase in responsibilities is rare at other companies, and it's a point of pride for us at TikTok. We recognize and support our employees' ambitions and career goals – and that's something truly worth celebrating."

How else have your leaders supported your growth?

Douglas speaks about his manager's influence: "My growth has been significantly aided by my manager's approach. He treats me with professional respect and maintains transparency in our discussions. Instead of micromanaging, he offers timely and straightforward feedback, engages in open and practical discussions about potential solutions, and ensures that our expectations are aligned."

How would you describe the culture of your team?

Atlanta reflects on her work environment: "I couldn't have hoped for a better place to work. There's a strong sense of collaboration where everyone supports each other's improvement. You can approach anyone in the organization with any query, and they'll make sure you get the answers you need by day's end. Additionally, our leaders are attentive to ensuring their team members aren't overworking themselves. This demonstrates a compassionate workplace that truly values the balance between work and personal life."

What's unique about your experiences at TikTok?

Douglas shares his experience: "I've had the privilege to engage in several training programs focused on project management tools, methodologies, and practices. Based in São Paulo, I've worked with remote managers and colleagues globally, exchanging expertise, developing projects, and liaising with stakeholders. This has allowed me to meet remarkable professionals and learn from each one, an opportunity made possible by the values at TikTok.

If you're keen on joining a committed team that offers endless growth opportunities, explore careers in Trust and Safety here."

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