TikTok is a social network where users can watch and create short viral videos. This social network's application has the most installations worldwide. You can save videos from both your friends and yourself using the official app, but every saved video will have a watermark. The quickest way to download videos from TikTok in mp3 or mp4 format is with a TikTok downloader. Download one video to test the functionality.

Although the TikTok downloader is primarily focused on downloading videos, it can also be used to download MP3 files of TikTok audio. You can quickly save TikTok videos to your device within a few clicks. The ease of converting TikTok videos to excellent MP3 music is another feature that the TikTok downloader provides. It works with a number of gadgets, such as tablets, iPads, iPhones, Android, and desktop PCs. Even MP3s and MP4s can be downloaded by scanning QR codes, and this TikTok downloader offers a smooth Dropbox integration so you can upload your preferred MP3s or videos.

How to Download TikTok MP3?

  • Find the TikTok mp3 file that needs to be converted.

To save a video as an MP3, open the TikTok app and locate the desired video. On the right side of the screen, there will be a "Share" icon click on it. When the "Copy link" screen appears, tap it.

When you watch a single TikTok on a desktop browser, like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari, you can quickly copy the link from the address bar of the browser.

  • Copy and paste the URL from the page's top.

On any page of the website, you can utilize our TikTok to MP3 converter. Quickly and for free convert TikTok videos to MP3 in just a few seconds!

To paste the copied link of the TikTok sound downloader, long tap the input form on a mobile device, such as an iOS or Android phone. On a desktop computer, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V to paste the link. Almost finished. Click the button now to download the mp3 version of the TikTok video.

  • Download music in mp3 format from TikTok.

If all goes according to plan, a "Results" page will load. At the bottom of the page, scroll down to find a link that says "Download TikTok audio."

It is possible that the link is an M4A file rather than an mp3. M4A is now supported by the majority of media players because it is an integral part of MP4.

You may not always be able to see an audio link. This means that mp3 files for this TikTok track are not available. Look for another with similar music. We are working on it and hope to have it resolved soon.



How Do I Download TikTok MP3?

  • Using the TikTok App or TikTok Web, locate a TikTok video or music that you want to download in MP3.
  • Click "Copy Link" after copying the TikTok music link from the "Share Option."
  • To download TikTok MP3, copy the above TikTok link, then click the download button.

Is it possible to convert TikTok to MP3 on an Android tablet or phone?

Yes, It is possible to convert Tiktok videos to MP3 format and download the resultant file straight to your Android device or tablet.

How can I save TikTok MP3 to my iPad or iPhone?

You can use Safari to download MP3 files if you are using an iPad running iPad OS 13+ or an iPhone running iOS 13+.

Use these procedures if your iPhone or iPad is running OS 12 or lower.

  • Open the Apple Store and install Documents by Readdle.
  • Launch Documents by Readdle and select the application's Browser icon located at the bottom.
  • Open your browser, copy the above link, and click "Download" on Snaptik.id.
  • Your device will store the MP3 file.

Is it free to use TikTok MP3 Downloader?

Yes. With our TikTok mp3 downloader, you can download videos and sounds from the app without any restrictions.

How can I store MP3 songs from TikTok on my PC?

Using our TikTok mp3 converter, you can download TikTok songs in MP3 format on your PC by pasting the copied TikTok link above and selecting "Download." Directly download TikTok MP3 audio to your computer.

Where are downloaded MP3s saved?

It depends on the Browser you are using, by the way, all downloaded TikTok MP3 audios are saved in the "Downloads" folder on Windows and Mac or Mobile. You can also press CTRL+J to view your download history.

Your TikTok MP3 Downloader store downloaded audios?

Our TikTok MP3 downloader doesn't store downloaded audio. All TikTok MP3s are hosted on TikTok servers. We also don't store user's information, making using our TikTok downloader totally Anonymous and secure.